Handicap Changes 2006/7


1.      In order to encourage participation, pairs will be eligible for the handicap competition.  Scores from the last two seasons can be used to establish handicaps, where appropriate.  Otherwise the first three events will be used to establish a WNL handicap.


2.      The database has been purged of all competitors who have not competed during the last two seasons.


3.      The “Average Personal Handicap” (used for calculating scores) remains at 51.5%.  This was the average handicap of active Orienteers in the 2005/6 season.



WNL Team Event


A Team Competition will be established in 2006/7, the details are:


-          The competition to take place over the last 5 events of the WNL calendar.


-          Teams of 3 units (individuals or pairs) to be declared prior to the first eligible event. 


-          To be eligible, all participants must have WNL handicaps, mixed club teams welcome.


-          At each event the aggregate handicap scores of the three team members will form the Team Score.


-          The best 3 events from 5 will be used to determine the winning team.


-          The Team Event will run alongside the normal Individual competition and the Individual Handicap competition.


Teams (Team Name and members) should be e-mailed to: