The 2006 WNL Annual meeting.  Items discussed 12th June.


The Spa Inn at Stonehouse was being rebuilt.

Rule Number one of WNL. Make sure the Pub of the Night is available !


We found somewhere else and this is what happened.


Safety.  Guidelines to be amended to reinforce organisers responsibility to ADVISE competitors to take mobile phones with them AND to provide competitors with a safety number to use. This should be included in any flyers provided for the event, which should also include safety bearing details.

Clubs should consider, and hopefully provide and maintain, sufficient spare lighting equipment for use as hired equipment and for search purposes.


Pairs. It should be made clear that Orienteering in pairs is acceptable at WNL events, and pairs can be included within the Handicap system.


BOF Membership. Clubs to consider the implications of the new system. NGOC will be charging, non-club members extra charges at all their events, and offering club membership at the same time.   WNL fees unchanged but it is hoped clubs will have a consistent views over this issue.


Funding for WNL. The present ad hoc system is just about manageable, although Mike Farrington, has expenses relating to the website. Club donations out of event receipts cover this, and trophy expenses are funded by the major WNL Clubs.

A debate regarding the WNL becoming an umbrella organisation was held so that a British team for the Tia Mila could be considered. This would involve potential team members using WNL events as serious training. Whilst there were no dissenters and indeed the increased status was welcomed, the actual demand was not that obvious but if a catalyst was required then WNL would adapt. The issue of WNL becoming a club in its own right was raised. Again when the time is right, this will be considered.


Website.  Mike Farrington would happily have a link to Nopesport, although a Nopesport link to WNL was thought to be a better option, as a direct link to the WNL Forum on Nopesport was not allowable.

Mark to speak to Mike Farrington about putting the WNL Directory into the website.


Night Champs.  Agreed WNL would put in a bid to organise the British in Feb 2008 in FoD. Mark to contact John Shucksmith.


Team Handicap Competition. 

To take place over the last 5 events of the winter, with teams of 3 to be declared beforehand. All team members must have a WNL handicap, but no other restrictions. Pairs OK as a team member. At each event, the aggregate handicap scores will form a team score. Best 3 from 5 events to determine winners. Handicap comp. to run alongside other WNL scores. Ian F willing to deal with entries and to do the calculations.








Joint event Sarum organising at Cannimore Woods, Longleat   18 Nov


NGOCevents 9 Dec Kidnalls, 27 Jan  Parkend, 24th Feb   Minchinhampton


NWO evnts    10 Feb  Copse Wood,  3 Mar  Ashdown Park, (almost near Swindon.)


HOC events    1 or 2  Mike F to advise


BOK  events  looking at Leigh Woods, Stock Hill, and Moseley Green


SWOC involvement welcomed and Judith P. will making the SWOC Committee aware of this request for an event


Total  10 or 11.


Target to get fixtures sorted asap to enable publicity to be produced.


Thanks to all participants and for the very positive inputs on al items being discussed.


Any queries to me if you are unable to obtain answers from a local source.


NB. These notes encompass changes made during the last 7 days.


Mark Blackstone 19th June 2006