This is a warning about the CooSpo ANT+ sesnors.  These sensors I curently consider to be fakes.  They are not ANT+ certified as can be seen by looking at the ANT+ product directory.  There ANT+ implementations are flawed.  I have seen two seperate issues reported.  One of them very stupid with the Speed and Cadence chanels being inverted, which is just very sloppy.  The HR sensor sends inconsistany beat information compared to the instantanious HR value so the average HR is incorrect is it's beats divided by time.  I have not had experiance of the BLE implementation but I would consider anything about these sensors to be questionable.  

I have been in contact with the ANT+ consortium about this but it is doubtfull they will be able to do much with these products coming directly out of China like this.  I have workarounds for the 2 gross errors in the beta of IpSensorMan but these products are to be avoided.