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Features List


This product is ANT+ certified and complies with the following specified ANT+ Device Profiles:

Bike Speed

Bicycle speed and distance

Bake Cadence

Bicycle cadence

Bike Speed and Cadence

Combined Bicycle Speed and Cadence

Bike Power Bicycle power
Heart rate Heart rate

There is the official list of ANT enabled phones  you may want to check this table which has all the model numbers available easily.  There is a list of certified compatible sensors.

There is an ANT+ Enabler app to add ANT support for rooted Nexus5, Nexus10, HTC One (M7) and LG G2, Samsung S4, S5. Supports Android 4.2.2 ~ Android M Preview, CyanogenMod Build.

Bike Power includes the new 3.0 torque effectiveness and pedal smoothness fields.

There is also beta level support (I have not had the time to do the certification) for the Environment (Temperature) profile and the Stride based Speed and Distance Profile.  With version 2.0 of IpSensorMan there is support added for the Muscle Oxygen profile, the Remote Control profile, the Suspension profile, the bike light profile, the Dropper seat post profile, the Bike radar profile, the Fittness Equipment Control profile the Bike Lights profile and the Shifting profile.

Other sensors

  1. Gps
  2. Barometric pressure to enhance altitude, Available on Xperia Active, Xperia Go, Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Note IIGalaxy Note 3Galaxy S3 and , Galaxy S4

Information categorised for.

While Riding information given a suitable sensor setup.

Post Ride information.

Logging options.

Files can be saved or Sent to other installed Apps.

Post ride plot can be saves to .png with user selectable size. The plot can automatically show specific laps. .png image can be sent to other apps e.g. facebook or email or Picasa.

Ride Map

Ride Map. This is instead of the plot if can be panned and zoomed. Can lock onto current position, can auto rotate based off gps heading. Data can be from google or OpenStreetMap which includes a cycling specific view. Your ride route is showen and you can load a .gpx or .kml file with a route to follow, or selct a route from previous rides.  Mobile Atlas Creator can be used to make compatible map files for IpBike see map files for instructions this means you can have maps without a mobile signal.

Workout interval training system

Power and display control options

Application Integration

You can use the standard Android Send action with any compatible app you have installed. This is available for the Ride Editor, with the selected file type or just the textual description being sent. The plot can be sent as an image, the textural description is also sent but most apps Send implementations with an image do not pick it up. It is also in the clipboard though so it's easy to paste it as a caption with the picture.  So you can easaly email a ride or ftp it off the phone.

Web intergration


There is upload support from the ride editor at the moment for the following websites.










What's Today's Plan

If you want to set up your own fitness website I have added in support for the OpenFitApi so check it out. 

Some of these other sites have the ability to upload via email these include RideWithGps and MapMyTracks.  IpBike has an automated send feature to help with this task. 

Customisable display

The screen setup for when you are out riding is very customisable.  You have multiple screens you can swipe between and you can configure what its on each screen including setting the text sizes for the displayed items.

Sony SmartWatch supoport is described here.  Customised UI for next generation full Android Based SmartWatches.