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Oct 16, 2011
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Just added the Attackpoint widget to the template in the sidebar. 
Oct 4, 2011
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A test of some news.
Oct 4, 2011
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The news module was installed. Exciting. This news article is not using the Summary field and therefore there is no link to read more. But you can click on the news heading to read only this article.
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Data storage data issues

This page aims to explain how IpBike stores your ride data.  There are also some details on various issue people see and options for sorting them out.

IpBike stores data in two different forms.  There is a database which includes the summary information for rides and laps.  There is then a .ipp file for each ride that has the second by second detailed data for the ride.


The database has all the information nessasary to display the summary data e.g. all the details you see in the ride and lap summary page are coming from this database.  As you ride this database information is updated as you go, there is code to make sure it's stored properly every minutes just in case something realy bad happens like the phone deciding to reboot.  This database file is relativly small e.g. 6 months of data about 470 rides with lots of laps is still less than a megabyte.  The main database is stored where-ever IpBike has been installed so is not normally readily accesible to you as a user.  If you get IpBikeKey then it is possible to move your data to a new phone.  This is the only feature in IpBike that is avalible with IpBikekey installed but not otherwise avalible.  If you uninstall IpBike then this file and all others are automatically removed so refer to the moving your data page if you want to back things up.

.ipp Files

The .ipp files are stored on 'external' storage which could be an external SD card or potentialy just a seperate section of your internal storage, it all depends on the phone.  There is a file for each ride, there is none of the summary information in this file just basic stats loged at a second interval so things like location, speed, altitude, HR, cadence, power etc.  File size will be proportional to the length of time for the ride.  My half hour moring commute is coming in at about just < 100k so these files can add up in size.  In IpBike to be able to view the plot, route or upload to the various websites and save a file for the ride IpBike needs the .ipp file.  Pre 1.8.0 the file name needs to match the name of the ride in the summary page.  Post 1.8.0 the ride name is no longer linked to the file name.

No .ipp file

If the .ipp file for a ride can not be found or if for some reason it is corrupted then when you look at the summary page then you will find the Plot, Route, Save as and Upload buttons are disabled.  Pre 1.8.0 Changing the ride name in the summary would automatically rename the .ipp file but this leads to a constraint that you can not have a duplicate ride name.  Post 1.8.0 this is not an issue duplicate ride names are OK.

If you find the buttons grayed out unexpectedly then the first thing to do is to see if you can manually find the .ipp file. The file should be in the internal_logs/ directory in the ipbike area of 'external' storage so something like: /sdcard/Android/data/com.iforpowell.android.ipbike/files/internal_logs/  If you can find a file with something like the right timestamp but a none matching name then this could be the details file.  If you rename the file to match the ride name or post 1.8.0 the ride file l=name as listed on the bottom of the summary page to match the file then things should be fixed up.  You can go and look at the route or the plot to check the data is what you expect before uploading.

If there is no file or there is a file but you still have the buttons grayed out then there is clearly something more serious wrong.  See the reporting issues page for details on sending me the log file from IpBike so I can try and work out what has gone wrong.  If there is a .ipp file then send that as well.

Bad data

There are a number of bad data senarios that have options to help them.

Bad speed/distance

With a speed sensor it is not unknowen to loose the data mid ride especially when mountin bikeing due to the sensor or the magnet moving.  You will have bad moving time distance and average speed type stats.  Looking at the plot of the speed it's normally fairly obvious that there is an issue.  There is an option to revert to using the GPS based location data for the speed and distance information.  If you go to the history list view and long press on the ride there is a 'Stats off gps' menu option which uses the .ipp location information to rework the stats.

Reworking VP, Hr and power zones.

If you have the wrong zone data or want to change the virtual pwer numbers post ride then having changed the settings if you long press the ride in the history list there is a 're-evaluate stats' option.  This basically gose through the .ipp file replaying the data into the various algorithms uses for virtual power and HR and power recording all the summary stats are essentially worked out again.  I use this option a lot when debugging peoples issues if they send me a .ipp file then I rename it to the sample_ride.ipp and upload it to one of my test phones and then use this option to get an indication of what the summary stats are.

bad data at the start or end of a ride.

Sometimes you get bad data at the start or end of a ride e.g. from not being paitent enough waiting for the gps to fix before going start trip (see gps issues) or if you forget to stop and then drive off somewhere.  You can sort this out by trimming the ride.  Go to the route for the ride and press the edit button.  This allows you to trim data off the start and the end of the ride.  You can adjust the amount to be trimmed by pressing the buttons or entering a number of seconds.  The highlighted route will be adjusted to match as you change the number of seconds so you can zoom in on the map and use that to get the start and end points correct.  Then use the 'Trim secs' button and you can optionally update the database summary or not.  Updating the summary will work out the stats for the section you are removing and subtract them from the ride summary and the various totals.

Bad altitude.

If the altitude is offset from reality then there are options to adjust it.  This can happen with pressure based altitude has not auto calibrated correctly, see altitude incline and slope help page for details on how this works.  If you go to the plot view for the ride then press the altitude button then you have two options.  You can specifiy a simeple manual offset which will adjust all the altitude points by the value specified.  The alternative is to do an online lookup of the altitude at the start and the end points of the ride.  These are used to adjust the altitudes throught out the ride in a linear manner.  Clearly this latter option needs access to the internet.

Merging Rides.

It is possible to merge rides post riding.  Basically go to the history view and long press on the earlyer ride and you get an option to merge with the next ride.  This is not reversable so use with care.

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