This is the Covid guidelines document. Please refer to the Standard guidelines document for standard items.

1.    Events need to be run under British Orienteering Covid Safe Orienteering guidelines and of course comply with any other relevant local restrictions. This is the recommended setup for WNL events run under these guidelines. The event should be able to run with very little direct interaction between the organiser and the competitors. With this setup a single organiser would be sufficient although you may want one or two more people especially if everything is not all together.

2.     Events have to be pre entry. Fabian4 is the recommended platform but you can use others if you want. Let Ifor know the relevant link and closing date and the fixtures list will be updated with this information. A closing time a week before the event seems sensible. There should be an email sent to all entrants during the week leading up to the event outlining the format and layout on the night as well as informing people of there start times. There should be a reminder about not attending the event in the event of Covide symptoms etc.

3.    Start times need to be pre allocated. 15 minute blocks with 10-12 entries per block should work well. You are allowed up to one a minute with allocated blocks but having some spaces allows for anyone late to slot in safely. With larger entries this means the start window may be longer than usual but probably still less than 90 minutes. It is probably best to allocate less experienced runners and night beginners to an earlier starts and to have the more experienced at the end.

4.      The on the night event handout and control descriptions should be placed such that competitors can see them and collect them as they arrive. e.g. tear off from a map bag under a stake or attached to a notice board should work. For any hired dibbers the dibber should be pre-allocated and placed in a labelled envelope that the competitor can collect next to the handouts. There should be no need to closely interact with competitors at this stage. Just being on hand to advise beginners should be all that is needed.

5.      Ideally the start is within sight of the parking. The start should be placed so that competitors can see it and be able to approach when it is clear of other people. There should be a notice reminding people that they need a spare light and whistle then Clear, Check and start boxes lined up in order before the map box with maps. A start clock is advisable just to impose sensible spacing. e.g. 'Go! start clock' for Android on a tablet in a map bag would be good. The app just works as needed without any adjustment. There should really be no need to interact with competitors at the start. Just being around to advise beginners should be all that is nessacery.

6.      Ideally the finish control will be within site of download. If not good taping is nessacery. Download should be organised so that there is a good distance between the competitor and the computer operator. E.g. have the download box and the printer at one end of a table and the computer and official at the other end. Alternatively the computer operator in one side of a car and the window open the opposite side to allow the competitor to access the SI box and the printer. The competitors should download and take there own split from the printer and move away with minimum interaction required. There should be a box / bag for hired dibbers to be retuned to.

7.      There want be a pub of the night. Competitors are expected to leave after the event with limited socialising.

8.    Without the pub of the night special attention needs to be made to potentially having to organise a search to deal with a late or injured competitor. With a Pub of the night it is normally used as a resource for getting people for a search. e.g. someone is late back ring the pub and make sure people don't head home until informed all is OK. If needs be get them back to the event to help with a search. Without this option some people should be approached before hand and asked to just hang around once they finish until the last competitor has finished. Having these people have latter start times is a good idea. I (Ifor Powell) always has a couple of emergency search bags packed and spare big lights in my van for all WNL events so you can put me down as a start if I have entered.