WNL FIXTURES 2020/2021

Championship events are listed below in italics. They are not part of the WNL and are included to help you plan your Saturday night entertainment this winter!

Date Club Venue Organiser Map Ref Entery deadline
24th October BOK Ashton Court Tommi Grover 07968 799940 tommi@tommigrover.eu ST556712 18/10/2020
31st October NGOC Chalford rural urban Halloween special Greg Best, 07989 276668, permissions@ngoc.org.uk SO895024 21/10/2020
14th November SBOC Kilvey Hill. No longer in the league but this is on still if you live in Wales. Saddly no English allowed with the curent lockdown. Ben Mitchel benmitchell1@live.com 0754 7108884 SS672935  
5th December NGOC Painswick Beacon with a brand new map   SO867114 25/11/2020
19th December BOK Stoke Park and Pur Down Ifor Powell ifor@iforpowell.com ST 612772 13/12/2020
2nd January NGOC Blakeny Hill
Andy Creber ac@ghost.org.uk GL15 4AW-use with care Canceled
23rd January BOK Rodway Common. Odds and evens. Lots of controls! Scott Bailey s.bailey@me.com ST664757 Canceled
30th January BOK TBD     Canceled
6th February NWO Copse Wood   SU281618 Canceled
20th February NGOC British Night Championships: Cleeve Hill SO989271  

Version 4; 5th Jan 2021