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Jan 3, 2012
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Posted by: ifor
Forum added
Jan 2, 2012
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OK upgraded the site CMS system just now to 1.10.2.  hope everything still works.
Oct 30, 2011
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Added a blog section to the site.  I need to sort out the templates a bit as things are not looking so good.
CMS - 1.10.3 - Hyacinthe

Route navigation

Route navigation.

Turn by turn instruction support was added with version 2.4.5 prior to this the map just displayed a line for the route on the map.

Route source.

The route to follow needs to be loaded first.  To get turn by turn information it needs to be from a .gpx file.  Here is the sample gpx file I have been using for most of my testing. For just the line on the map style it can be from an Ipbike .ipp file or a suitable .fit file.  From the front page press the 'Route' button to go to the route visualisation screen then 'Load' this takes you to the list of route known to IpBike you can select a route here or use 'Import' to get a route not known to IpBike into IpBike.  Potentially if you go to download a .gpx file from the browser on the device you will get the option to load it directly into IpBike.  If your not getting this option and its a free to use site that is generating the .gpx file then if you let me know I can try and see if I can get it recognised as well email me at real_support at iforpowell.com.

On the map option.

The route is displayed on the map and any waypoints in the route are marked.  You can toggle the route and the waypoints on and off on the main map.  Long press the map for the menu and you should have 'Route on' or 'Route off' for the route and 'Waypoints on' or 'Waypoints on' for the waypoints.  If you have waypoints the you can press on the waypoint to see further information.  Settings -> Route following settings -> Route track colour and Route track width let you customise the route line on the map.

Off route warning control.

You can control off route warnings with Settings -> Route following settings -> Off route warning style Whatever the chosen style the Off route talk and off route beep settings enable you to get some audible indication that you have gone off route as well as the selected on screen message style.  The 'noisy' style will repeatedly talk or beep as configured until you acknowledge the warning or get back on route.  The Match distance setting specifies how far off route you need to be for it to be detected.  If your gps is not so good are conditions are bad and you are getting false warnings then you may want to increase this setting.

Turn by turn instructions.

To ge turn by turn instruction the file needs to include waypoint information with the instructions.  IpBike will not make up instructions itself.  With a suitable file Settings -> Route following settings -> Next waypoint message style controls how the waypoint warnings are displayed.  There are Waypoint message talk and Waypoint message beep settings to control the audible feedback. Waypoint message time controls how far from the waypoint the warning message will be displayed.  The time is based off the 120 second moving average speed.  Once the waypoint is within this distance the message will be displayed.  For the needing acknowledgment style the massage will stay on screen until you dismiss it or pass the turn point and still look to be on route in which case it will be removed automatically.  If there is another close message it will be displayed straight away.

Display items.

There is a new set of display items associated with turn by turn instructions.  On install or the initial update to version 2.4.5 you will get a new screen added to your portrait screens sett with an example of this setup.  Just keep swiping left on the main screen to see this new screen.  The items can be added from under the 'Navigation' subset.  You have Name, comment, and description which contain the information from the .gpx file. Number is the index of the waypoint as found following the route.  Distance for the next waypoint is the distance along the route to the waypoint from your current position if on route.  If off route it will be the straight line distance.  For waypoint instances further along the route distance is the distance between this waypoint and the previous waypoint along the route.  Time for the waypoint will be the expected time to cover the distance using the 120 second moving average speed.  Waypoint display items have an instance property.  This indicates the next waypoint for 0 and the one after next for 1 and going further into the future for higher instance numbers.  You can set the instance by long pressing the item and using select which instance or What details -> select which instance.  This enables you to display the next waypoint and the next after that etc.  So you can have a bigger set of future instructions on screen if you want.


Clearly the quality of the off route warnings and turn by turn information depends on the quality of the original .gpx file.  IpBike is not doing any routing and can not really do anything to improve this original information.

Routes with loops and crossovers etc can be problematic.  The system will assume you are going to follow the route as loaded.  So you will get an off route warning if you go the wrong way at a crossover or exit before going around the look.  But the system will also assume that if you keep on going you are doing it on purpose so if your on missing a bit you will then soon get an on route message and the navigation will start off from where you are now.  If you loop back off the route to a previous part of it and re-join the system will again pick up the navigation from where you now are.

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