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Jan 3, 2012
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Posted by: ifor
Forum added
Jan 2, 2012
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Posted by: ifor
OK upgraded the site CMS system just now to 1.10.2.  hope everything still works.
Oct 30, 2011
Category: Website
Posted by: ifor
Added a blog section to the site.  I need to sort out the templates a bit as things are not looking so good.
CMS - 1.10.3 - Hyacinthe


To get IpBike translated into your language I need your help.

There are currently good translations (although maybe needing some updates for the new app additions) for Frensh, Portugese, Japanes, German, Rusian, Korean, Polish, Hungarian, Dutch, Latvian, and Italian.  I have partial translations for Sweedish and Finnish and Spanish if you want to add to these please email me.  Someone is activly working on Spanish but if you want to help again email me.   support@iforpowell.com 

One of the translators has prepared a little python script to help with updating a translation, see the downloads section below if you want to try it out.

The procedure for translations is fairly straight forward on Android.  There is basically one file strings.xml that contains all the information to be translated.  All you need to do is take the English version which you can download from here and get back to me a version with your translations in it here is an empty version that you can take and start adding entries to as you add the translations.  There is no need to do it all at once.  If you just start slowly adding to your file and get me updates by email to support@iforpowell.com I will put them in the next release or do a special beta release so as to get you the update as soon as possible to check.


Clearly the main reward is getting IpBike translated for your language.  I will of course also give anyone significanly contributing to the translation effort a copy of IpBikeKey.

There is also a section at the top of the translation file for you to add your name into so you will be listed in the about dialog as having helped with the translation. 

File item details

Items in the file look like something like this:

<string name="menu_preferences">Settings</string>

Only the Settings bit needs to be translated.  Here is this from the Japanese version so it's clear what is translated.

<string name="menu_preferences">設定</string> 

There are also comments in the original Strings.xml file that don't need translating but may help to give you some context. e.g.

<!-- Menu items -->

is a comment and there is no need to translate it.

There are some lists of items where only the bold bit needs translating e.g.

    <string-array name="vp_style">


        <item>Run / Walk</item>

        <item>TT Bike</item>

        <item>Road Bike</item>

        <item>Hybrid Bike</item>

        <item>Mountain Bike</item>


Some items have other text or numbers inserted into them by IpBike as they are presented these items will typicaly be represented in the text as %s the filling text will be placed at this postion.  You need to keep the %s in the translation but you may move it around as apropriate.  e.g.

    <string name="summary_hr_range">Max value in range: %s bpm</string>

If you are translating something that may go onto a button and the text gets a lot longer then it's best to let me know so I can check things out for real and if nessasary make some sizing changes to the display.

The file should be kept in "utf-8" encoding.  You can just put in none standard and accented characters directly into the file there is no need to html style escapeing.  There are some special characters you have to escape e.g.

&   &amp;

<   &lt;

'    \'


English version.  I will try and keep this up todate.  Additions are added at the bottom.

Empty version.  Take this as your strating point.  Add your name and then start copying and translating from the english version.

Play description.  If you have translated the main IpBike strings.xml file then it would be nice to have a version of the Google Play description also translated.  I will add screen shot versions in the apropriate language so as to make it clear to potential downloaders that there language is fully supported.

xml_translate_migration.py Is a python script to help catchup with the latest version of the English strings file for a curent partial translation.  I had to add lxml to my python install. You pass 4 arguments. first - file with english translation, second - file with partial other language, third - out file, four - file with list of non translated items.  e.g.

xml_translate_migration.py strings_en.xml strings_ru.xml out.xml log_non_translated_names_of_strings.log


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