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Jan 3, 2012
Category: Website
Posted by: ifor
Forum added
Jan 2, 2012
Category: Website
Posted by: ifor
OK upgraded the site CMS system just now to 1.10.2.  hope everything still works.
Oct 30, 2011
Category: Website
Posted by: ifor
Added a blog section to the site.  I need to sort out the templates a bit as things are not looking so good.
CMS - 1.10.3 - Hyacinthe

Google Fit upload support removed

Google Fit upload support removed.

As of IpBike version 2.4.3 published on 22/04/2021 Google Fit upload support has been removed.  Google have made changes to the API's and the terms and conditions for using it.  The old versions will be being switched off on 27/04/2021 so it's going to break even with older versions of IpBike then.

To support the API changes I would of needed to of made a good number of changes to keep it working.  At the same time Googles change to the terms and conditions means that there will be far less potential uses for the data IpBike was uploading.  Apps wanting to read the more sensitive data like HR will need to undergo a yearly security review with an estimated cost of $15000 to $75000.  3rd party apps will be totally disallowed from accessing the any location related data.

The ability to visualise the data IpBike has been uploading to Google Fit has been getting worse over time.  With the initial release you could use thr Google Fit web site to look at the map and plots of the data IpBike had uploaded.  Google killed off the web site a number of years back and the Android App has not been developed to add the functionality.  The change to the terms and conditions means that the chances of some 3rd party app filling this void has gone.

I don't see anything about Google fit now that means it will be worth my time making the IpBike work with the update.  As far as I can see the only thing that may be broadly supported by Google Fit will be step counting which is not something IpBike has been contributing to.

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