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Jan 3, 2012
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Posted by: ifor
Forum added
Jan 2, 2012
Category: Website
Posted by: ifor
OK upgraded the site CMS system just now to 1.10.2.  hope everything still works.
Oct 30, 2011
Category: Website
Posted by: ifor
Added a blog section to the site.  I need to sort out the templates a bit as things are not looking so good.
CMS - 1.10.3 - Hyacinthe

Releases pre 2.0.0


None Google maps version for direct download.

Standard 1.9.9 version.


Tweak to calibration to only show a single result if multiple come in.

New virtual power style 'roll * speed + drag * speed * speed' added.

Tweak footpod based speed to get moving average speeds correct.

New TrainingPeaks API upload support added.

Settings -> Audio visual settings ->Brightness, Alpha, Haptic -> Night mode added

If dark then apply Screen brightness setting. Needs gps location uses Civilian sunset, sunrise times.

Move back to main screen to get re-evaluated.

Update FIT sdk.

Get unit labels changing for pace mode or speed mode on bike change.

Do max pace rather than speed if in pace mode.


None Google maps version for direct download.

Standard 1.9.8 version.

Italian translation up to date.

Updated Spanish translations still more to do.

Added in usage of Still_alive message from IpSensorMan to stop restart on long coasting.

Moved to 20.10.1 FIT Sdk.

Fix bug corrupting max HR.

Standard 1.9.7 version.


Added pedal force, recent pedal force and average pedal force display item.

Added max of recent average power values.

Added power units so support for % of ftp and % of critical power.

Main display speed to can be based off recent average speeds in the same way you can for power.

MapQuest removed as tile source, Stame_toner replaces it.

Added Settings -> Other Phone Settings -> More power options-> Don't use IpSensorMan.

Added code to spot total sensor loss and try and restart IpSensorMan.

Tweak ride history list rendering to avoid 6.0.1 bug.

Fixed distance average issues.

Added call to get the Dropper post started.

Stop bad speed breaking virtual power system.

Another go at sorting out the stuck toast issue.


None Google maps version for direct download.

Standard 1.9.6 version.

Move to Fit SDK 20.02, still exporting version 1.0 style files though.

Added Settings -> More phone settings -> More power options -> Wake screen on lap to control waking screen up on lap when in screen lock disabled power mode.

Added Settings -> Audio visual settings -> Remote control buttons -> Screen wake key to wake screen up from remote.

Fix issue with max's not updating properly in when re-evaluating stats.

Added name field to the ride history list selector tab.

Adjust default ride file name to use '-' rather than '_' in date-stamp.  Allow an empty prefix value.

Allow re-assignment of sensor source if a new one comes in matching the selected bike better than the current one, helps with multiple BTLE sensors providing optional cadence like with TickX.

Message on first good gps fix. Warning on gps loss, and another message on reacquiring.

Added Settings -> Main bike settings -> Trip control -> Start and stop auto lap to control if auto lap adds a lap when stopping and starting or just stopping.

Fixed distance based moving average value miss behaving.


None Google maps version for direct download.

Standard 1.9.5 version.

Added workaround to fix Dropbox breaking the file sharing stuff.
Tweaking FE-C providing power data setup.
FIT sdk 16.73
Upload as private setting for TrainingPeaks.


Fix merge bug.
Fix time to depletion bug.


None Google maps version for direct download.

Standard 1.9.3 version.

Fixed bug in 1.9.2 uploading to Strava for indoors rides with no speed data.


None Google maps version for direct download.

Standard 1.9.2 version.

Main addition is  logging and ride / lap type stats for the Air and wind speed from the  WeatherFlow WeatherMeter as well as the W'balance introduced with 1.9.0.  You can only export the data via .csv as non of the other file formats have support for this sort of data.  Update to the plotting system to allow visulisation of this data due for the next release.  Also added in time / distance in range based stats for air speed, wind speed, W'Balance.  Reworked W'balance to have units and change internal format to be amount of depletion 
so it starts at 0 and goes up, makes all logging and averages just work units just adjust the method of viewing this data.

Added in current gear time / distance in range stats.

Tweak Strava fit file format a bit to try and get averages matching better between Strava and IpBike.

Allow wheel size down to 100mm to support the Vasa swim ergometer.

Added 5s moving average for air and wind speed. 5s air speed feeds Virtual power system.

Tweak Google fit upload for new response error that Google are producing bit can be worked around.

Added second set of + - buttons to work-out editor to allow finer grain control over FEC trainers.

Adjust trim stuff to alter start time and alter all the time stamps to match as well.

Lap name based off work-out step name for workout laps.

Get the ride editor scroll view remembering it's position better.

Updated Flurry lib and Fit lib.


None Google maps version for direct download.

Standard 1.9.0 version.

Support for WeatherFlow WeatherMeter (with IpSensorMan beta) added.  Just real time wind information at the moment along with full temperature support.  Will add logging and some over the ride stats with the next release.

Added in W'Balance.  The algorithm is what is referred to as the differential method.  Real time display items for current W'balance,  percentage style, time to depletion, rate of change, 5s average rate of change which is what feeds the time to depletion stat.  Logging and some over the ride type stats should come with the next release.

Vibrate and beep before timed messages are displayed so your less likely to miss them.

Tweak to virtual gearing to use float cadence input for real time version should improve the accuracy a bit.

Adjust the save routines so that the low cadence values inserted by the patch-up system are exported as zero.


None Google maps version for direct download.

Standard 1.8.8 version.

Added Settings -> Audio-visual settings -> Message settings where you can set a message for 'start sensors' and 'start trip' as well as 3 timer based messages for things like 'Eat' and 'Drink' or just 'Go faster'.

Added Fe-c controlled trainer option to the workout editor.  Set if your looking to control a trainer from this workout.  The power setting in the workout will just be a single set point rather than a range.  You can also set the incline for a workout step.

You can now adjust the the target for a workout step up and down from the list view, for range based targets both ends of the range move by the same about, to adjust the gap you have to go to the main step edit page.

Updated Italian translation.

Added workout display group for the items visible on the workout control so you can size and layout as you want.

Added short version of the end of step feedback, enable from workout settings -> Audio visual settings -> Workout options -> Short end countdown.

Updated Auto stop lap mode to put in a lap when you start up again as well.

Got new max hr message to be in terms of % of max if units set that way.

Added indication of the speed source to main display speed item the label will show 'gps' or 'sen.' as appropriate.


None Google maps version for direct download.

Standard 1.8.6 version.

1.8.6 Bug fixed some screen loading issues. 1.8.5 fixed a bug with the new ANT+ Fec trainer control buttons coursing a crash in landscape mode.  Major additions for 1.8.4 were.

Manual trainer control buttons.  These live on the workout screen (double top the map and select workout.) Basically they let you manually set the power or slope and easily increase or decrease it if you just want to control the trainer manually.
Upload support added for What's Today's Plan which looks to have more graphs than I have display items...  Some gearing specific ones of interest having just added the estimated gearing.  Not sure what the actual training plans are like and it's subscription based but you can try it out for free.
Display items added for all the range / zone type stats that were only available post ride.  So you can for instance see the amount of time spent in power or HR zone 5 if you want.  There are items in the appropriate groups for time, distance and average speed for a range type and you can then press for the menu and set the specific range your interested in.
Fix bug that crept into Sporttracks.mobi upload also added support for temperature, power balance and muscle oxygen which they have added to there API since I last looked at it.
Made route load deal with some more none standard Garmin .gpx route extensions.
Bug fixes from crash reports around gearing stuff.


None Google maps version for direct download.

Standard 1.8.3 version.

Major update is the addition of estimated gearing support as well as hardware support for the ANT+ Shifting profile.  There is a dedicated help page explaining the setup and limitations.

Other big ticket item is the initial support for trainer control via the ANT+ FE-C profile.  You need the IpSensorMan beta for this.  It's just the minimum of what I am looking to do but you can use the Workout system and if you set a power target for a step that is what the trainer resistance will be set to.  With no resistance specified for a step the trainer is set into simulation mode on the flat.  There is limited testing for this so any issues let me know getting me the IpBike and IpSensorMan log files as per the reporting issues page. Look for a good bit more with the next release.

Adjust full-screen setting so it only applies when active.

Don't display the none editable last value on the zone settings page.

Sort out orientation issues when switching screen on and off.

Updated activity type German translations.

Added option to add a new screen with all display items.

Tweak Strava upload to always be .fit for indoors.

TTS power readout now based off the screens main power display area style.


None Google maps version for direct download.

Standard 1.8.1 version.

Major change is around the range / zone stuff. As well as recording time in each zone I am now recording distance and hence average speed as well. There used to be just Power and HR information there is now Speed, and Incline for everyone. With a cadence sensor you get Cadence and Gearing in terms of distance per pedal revolution. With a suspension sensor you get the stats based on the damping level. You can set the ranges globally from the Main Bike settings section or on a per bike bases from each bikes settings page. This latter option is a bit more flexible as you can have any number of ranges you want. Be aware though that the more you have the more space in the database each ride will take up.

There is also now a 5th options available for the stats over a timeframe. Joining 'All', 'Bike', 'Trip' and 'Lap' we have 'Lap-1' which is the lap before this one. As there are is only really space for 4 buttons I have removed the 'All' and added the 'Lap-1' option. The menu you get with out the buttons by pressing around the edge of the main display area has all 5 options. For the individual display items you can select all 5 options as well. The real usage of this is to be able to look at the stats for the lap you just finished when doing intervals.

On Android 4.4+ Settings -> Audio-visual settings -> Brightness, Alpha, Haptic -> Full screen option uses 'Immersive' mode where the on screen standard buttons for 'back', 'home' 'recent apps' and 'menu' are not visible unless you swipe up. This has a couple of advantages. You get more usable screen space to configure as you want. the second advantage is in the rain where with the screen locked I can not stop the 'home' button but with it not displayed unless you swipe up it's a lot harder for the rain to accidentally cause false presses.

Fix some issue with the re-evaluate stats with the new binning scheme not using the right stats if the bike has changed them. A few other minor bug fixes and tweaks to try and remove false power spikes.


None Google maps version for direct download.

Standard 1.8.0 version.

Quite a big update after the first database schema update in a long time.  There is actually a good bit more stuff enabled than you can see in this update, more good stuff coming soon taking advantage of it.

Support for ANT+ Suspension profile added.  This needs the IpSensorMan beta.  Currently it will only deal with a single sensor so if you have separate Fork and Shock that are sending two independent streams you can only choose one or the other.  I will be looking to update IpSensorMan to fix this soon.

Items and summary info for the number of stopped events and then number of coasting events, along with derived stats like the average time and distance for each event.

Item and summary for distance while coasting, which enables derived stats for coasting and pedalling speed, distance and time as well as the average gearing while pedalling.

Items and summary for time and distance while climbing, descending and on the flat.  Flat is configured by:
Settings -> Main bike settings -> trip control -> Max 'Flat' incline.  There are derived stats for the average speed, incline and rate of climb.

Major update to the range - zones.  The historical values are now saved properly so if you change the setting and then go and look at an old ride the reported numbers will match the reported settings.  Along with this there is the capability of having the ranged set on a per bike basis instead of being global so you can have the HR zones different for different bikes.  e.g. my max HR is 8 bpm higher running than cycling and this facilitates this.  To use this go to the bike page and there is a 'Per bike ranges' checkbox.  Once enabled you get buttons to go and edit the ranges.  With the per bike setup you can adjust the number of ranges so having more or less than the default global setup.  Long press in the editor view to add or delete ranges.

Added Hr enable setting under the personal group.  Useful for turning it off if you don't have a sensor but your companions do so you don't have to do the dummy sensor workaround in IpSensorMan.

The ride name is now independent of the .ipp file name so there is no issue having duplicate names.  There should be no more occurrences of people loosing there data.  You can see the name of the .ipp file if you go to the bottom on the summary stats, but there is no more changing of it allowed.

Added lap number display item, under the debug group.

Tweak to fix bad HR averages with gps based speed and long pauses.

Debug file logging of HR updates option added.

Updated Polish, Italian and Russian translations.  Thanks to all involved.

Fix bug with strange negative times leading to the ride time going to zero mid ride.

Bug fixes from crash reports.

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