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Oct 16, 2011
Category: General
Posted by: ifor
Just added the Attackpoint widget to the template in the sidebar. 
Oct 4, 2011
Category: General
Posted by: ifor
A test of some news.
Oct 4, 2011
Category: General
Posted by: ifor
The news module was installed. Exciting. This news article is not using the Summary field and therefore there is no link to read more. But you can click on the news heading to read only this article.
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Getting a good app together is about using as much other peoples work as possible.  Here is a list of the major third party components I have used, some require me to acknowledge them some do not but I will list all the major ones I remember anyway.


Android is designed to be about apps working together.  OpenIntents is a project to encourage this with there own useful small apps and documentation on other apps as well.  I have used some of the framework code (Apache License 2.0) they use and I call some of there apps.  If you don't have the app installed you get a dialog inviting you to download it as required.

I use the IO About app for my about.

I use the OI File Manager to let you name and specify where to save plot images.


This is a library (GNU Lesser GPL) for viewing the OpenStreetMap provided mapping data.  At least in the UK this provides better data then the standard google maps data.  You can also contribute yourself and if the map is not up to scratch.  There is a cycling specific view available which has the bike routes highlighted and even has contours (at least locally to me) so you can see where the hills are.  The other advantage with OSM data is that you are allowed to cache it between sessions unlike Google data which needs to be downloaded every time.


This is a great library (GNU Lesser GPL) for viewing the OpenStreetMap provided mapping data from a vector format in a local file .map file.  This file is far more compact than the tile based alternatives and it is practical to have a single file covering a large area.  e.g. I have a file for the UK and you can get file for most European countries as well as most of the states and more touristy other parts of the world.  See Maps Files for more details.


Provide mapping data © OpenStreetMap contributors, CC-BY-SA.

Orientearing map style tiles from OOM.


This is the graphing library I am using for the plots.  I am actually contributing code back to this library as I am tweaking what it has available.  There will be major updates going back once I get the multi axis support added in which is really needed for the altitude and power data on the plots.


Hopefully you want see this one as it is Application Crash Report for Android.  It is a Library (Apache License 2.0) that if the application crashes gathers together all the data and adds it into a google docs spreadsheet online I will get emailed about the document being updated.  If you have a crash please let it report it so I have a chance to fix the problem.  If you were doing something specific please try and say what in the report.  If you want to be contactable about the problem then put an email address in the preference for it.

Normalised Power, IF and Tss.

These algorithms are from Dr Andrew R. Coggan.  The various terms are trademarked by TrainingPeaks.  Go and use the direct upload to TrainingPeaks feature in IpBike to do more detailed analysis of your workouts.


Is a useful little library (Apache License 2.0)  for picking a colour.

In an effort to contribute back I have an API to allow applications to use the services provided by IpSensorMan to do ANT+ decoding.  If you are writing an app and want to use this API then feel free to email me.


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